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Rec: Assess This [sg-1] (beginnings challenge)

Title: Assess This
Author: Betacandy betacandy
Rating: PG
Characters: Team, Dr. Fraiser
Spoilers: General for first season
Author's summary: On Janet Fraiser’s third day at the SGC, she meets SG-1 for the first time, as they return from the mission in "Emancipation". Sam gets in trouble, Daniel gets in trouble, Jack gets maternal, and Janet gets to go home and shower.

This feels like a continuation of the episode that just didn't make onto film. Everyone's wonderfully in character and still trying to figure out where they fit into the scheme of things.

Assess This
Tags: !challenge, !fic rec, .sg-1, c) carter, c) fraiser, c) jackson, c) o'neill, c) teal'c, c) team, g) episode tag
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