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The Stargate Library of Canon Fic

A listing of SG-1 and SGA canon-compliant stories

Stargate Canon Library
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Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis canon-compliant stories
The Stargate Canon Library is an archive for Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis stories that fit as closely with the shows as possible. Feel free to post new stories, link to stories you have already written (whether posted on LiveJournal or elsewhere), or recommend canon-compliant stories.

What do we mean by "canon"? No crossovers (unless it is one Stargate show crossing over with the other), futurefics, deathfics (unless the character is brought back to life), or major alternate universes (unless it begins at canon and ends at canon; quantum mirrors/time travel are acceptable); basically nothing that would permanently take the characters out of their universe or turn the storyline in a direction not compliant with canon.

Canon pairings are permitted so long as they do not exceed what is seen and done on the show (i.e. Rodney and Katie Brown have yet to be seen sleeping together, so a story where they are or end up sleeping together would not be allowed). We ask that any stories dealing with episodes where characters are seen sleeping together (actually seen waking up in the same bed, not merely left up to interpretation) involve nothing explicit. If you have a story labeled as "can be seen as pre-slash" or "slash/het with your goggles on", but it can be easily seen as gen, feel free to post it without the label.

Stories written before any revealing episodes (in which something important is uncovered, a main or recurring character is killed or introduced, etc.) are welcome, even if they are no longer canon-compliant. This includes speculation on characters' backstories or possible outcomes for recurring characters or situations (i.e. fics dealing with Kolya - whether he dies or lives in the story - written before "Irresponsible"). Basically, what you didn't know then can't hurt you now.

Tags and missing scenes are welcome, but altered episodes are still considered AUs.

We also ask that you please use caution when dealing with characters original to your story; OCs are fine as long as they don't dominate the story.

Acceptable ratings: G/K, PG/K+, PG-13/T

Unacceptable: R, NC-17 or M - this includes stories with excessive swearing, the kind where the F-word pops up in just about every paragraph, rape-fics, fics with explicit sex-scenes.

We also ask that you put warnings on your stories for explicit scenes, violence, language, and spoilers for particular episodes. Please either go over your story twice or have someone beta your story before posting. Do not post works in progress unless you intend to finish them in a short period of time. If the story remains unfinished, please remove it until it is done.

Sorry for all the nit-picky rules. Please don't feel overwhelmed by them. While the second paragraph is a definite must, as are the ratings and putting warnings, the rest is mostly just to help clarify things. Feel free to ask questions and we'll be happy to answer.